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Brand New Event for 2014!

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You've never had so much fun!

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Networking. Looking for team members for upcoming races? Do you want to read race reviews? Are you looking for new challenges? Check out the Arizona Adventure Racing Buddies group at AARB@yahoogroups.com or Southern CA at www.ARbuddies.com and Las Vegas VARB@yahoogroups.com.


Learn to navigate using a map and compass with the SAS Navigation Guides.

Curious about Adventure Racing? Watch this short video from the

Gilmore Adventure Race




Exciting New Event!

10/11 Mesa Adventure Challenge

1/25 Phoenix

2/15 San Diego

2/16 Santa Monica

3/22 Phoenix Scavenger Ride

6/14 Chicago

6/15 Milwaukee

6/21 Omaha

6/22 Kansas City

8/23 Denver

8/24 Colorado Springs

11/1 Phoenix Scavenger Dash at Night

11/2 Tucson

11/8 Las Vegas


4-26 Vegas

6-7 Los Angeles

8-2 Flagstaff

10-18 Albuquerque

12-13 Phoenix

12-14 Tucson

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