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Desert Rage Adventure Racing

Results and Pictures at bottom of page

Desert Rage Phoenix 12-3-11
THIS RACE WAS CANCELLED IN AUGUST AND REMOVED FROM THE MAIN CALENDER! Please contact info@SierraAdventureSports.com for more info.


Who: 1, 2 and 3 person teams of Male, Female and Coed

Where: Saguaro Lake, at Butcher Jones Beach

When: 9am .

Get ready for an exciting adventure that will have you paddling, biking and trekking around beautiful Saguaro Lake.  It's going to be a fast, furious day with lots of transitions, LOTS of opportunity to strategize, and lots of fun.  Make sure you read this THOROUGHLY and check back every once in awhile to see if there have been any updates!  Volunteers, we need you for this race more than ever.  Please join us and earn an $85 race credit toward a future race. 

25+ miles, 5-8 hours 
Recreational course of approximately 12-15 miles 3-5 hour finish time.  Cutoffs will be enforced for both courses.

Every vehicle, including volunteers, must pick up and display a "Tonto National Forest" users pass.  You can get them at Big5 Sporting goods, and many other places.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you get this before you leave as most places up there won't be open should you decide to arrive the morning of the race.  Here is more info: http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/tp/index.shtml.  If you already have a "Golden Eagle" passport and the "Tonto Upgrade" sticker, you don't need the pass.  If you don't know what that is, you don't have one.  For those of you coming in from out of town, the closest metro area to Saguaro Lake is East Mesa or East Scottsdale. 

All race participants can look forward to an SAS running hat/visor as well as picnic type food at the end of the race.

What: Trekking, orienteering, mountain biking on trails and roads, lake paddling on Saguaro Lake & mystery events looping in & out of a single transition area.  You will have to plot checkpoints on 1:24,000 maps using provided UTM coordinates (NAD83 datum).  The race organization will provide contour maps covering the entire course on 8.5 x 11 sheets of non-waterproof paper, however, you are encouraged to bring your own maps should you desire.  Boat rentals available from Ted at Salt River Canoe and Kayak: 480-345-7258. 

The closest hotels are in Fountain Hills, AZ east of Phoenix.  Primitive camping is available throughout Tonto National Forest and within two miles of the Start.  Check out http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/home.shtml for camping info or call (480) 610-3300. 

When: We'll begin check-in at 8am.  Pre-race meeting 15 minutes prior to start which is mandatory for all participants, Race start 9am.  In order to speed the check-in process, please have each of your teammates fill out and sign the waiver here: WAIVER and bring it with you.  Sunrise is at 7:18

Registration fees for the long course are:$95 per person, recreational course $85 per person.  Add $15 per person if registering after November 19th. You can use this manual registration form here or register online below. Registration is closed on Wednesday prior.  Click here to register now

Refunds will not be given for any reason unless cancelled by us, however, in extreme circumstances the entry fee is transferable to a future race hosted by Sierra Adventure Sports.  Please understand this rule is in effect as arrangements for medical staff, insurance, etc., must be made in advance.

Dogtag Medals will be awarded to the top finishing Co-ed, all male, and all female teams. 

This is a fully self supported race where you supply your own food, water, kayak/canoe, paddle/oar and type III Life Vest, along with all other gear.  

Required Personal Gear (Every person must have & carry their own at all times).  We may have a gear check on the course where you could be penalized if you don't have this with you.  You do not have to carry paddle, pfd or kayak on sections other than water, helmets and bike gear only on bike section.

Knife (not a plastic one)
Emergency space blanket
Suitable clothes & shoes for all venues
Hydration pack or bottles with total capacity of at least 100 ounces to be carried at all times
Survival mirror
Race bib number to be worn at all times (provided by race staff)

kayak/canoe, paddle or oar & PFD (Type III) for the paddling section only
Any combination of boats may be used for your team, however, capacity requirements may not be exceeded, and may be checked. No sails, pedals or motors.
Mountain bike & helmet
1 spare inner tube for the biking section only

Required Team Gear

-A team first aid kit suitable for all activities
-Two compasses, each carried by separate individuals 
-A watch or method of keeping accurate time throughout the race
-5' of standard useable duct tape 
-One waterproof map case (Ziploc's allowed though something heavier preferred as maps aren't waterproof)
-One bike pump or inflation kit - Bike Leg 
-Mini repair/wrench tool - Bike Leg 
-Tire repair kit  - Bike Leg  
-At least two pencils or pens that write
-One FRS two-way radio to be used for emergencies. 12+mile range. 
-Water purification tablets, liquid or a water filter. Enough for 6 gallons of water in case of emergency.

* Racers may carry a cell phone, though they may not use it.  It is for Emergency purposes only and must be kept in the “Off” position for the duration of the race.  Penalties will result if anyone is caught using a phone.

...and a big thanks to our sponsors that make it possible:

Questions to Info@SierraAdventureSports.com






Results Below from 2010, amazing Photo's Here taken by Karen Davis and Rick Eastman. Additional photo's will be available at www.7Directions.smugmug.com in the coming days.

Desert Rage Saguaro Lake this year was a stage race bringing teams together three seperate times. With an 8 o'clock start, teams began the bike section which took them into the Rolls OHV area. The goal on each section of the race was to obtain as many checkpoints as possible, each of the same value. Strategy played a big role in how to tackle each section, as teams were unable to determine their routes until they received the maps just one minute prior to the start of each section. Leading Long Course teams made it to a bike drop where they could pick up an extra three points on foot, and return to the transition area.

Upon returning, teams had 15 minutes to regroup and gather their things for the paddle section that began at 11am. Coming off the water, team Boat Anchor's Tim Stefek and Bob Babbit cruised to a commanding lead having swept all Checkpoints up this this point.

Teams regrouped one last time for the final trek section in which Ron Birks and Harry Zulch of team Equipe Tortue would be chasing the leaders into an overland trekking section that would bring them hundreds of feet upon the cliffs overlooking Saguaro Lake in an epic battle to the finish line.

Team Equipe Tortue became the only team to sweep the entire course of 18 checkpoints in a time of 5:59 with Boat Anchor closely behind obtaining 17 checkpoints in 5:49. Congratulations to all the teams who competed.

Div Place Bib #: Team Name: #1First #1Last #2 First #2 Last #3 First #3 Last Bike CPs Kayak CPs Trek CPs TOTAL CPs
SM 1 724 Sweaty Sock Gnome Alexander Fichtel 02:44 9 01:28 3 01:49 3 06:01 15
SM 2 725 DD Daniel Davies 02:16 9 01:42 3 01:58 2 05:56 14
SM 3 723 Jared Jared Ihnen 03:12 2 01:51 0 01:45 0 06:48 2
Sf 1 726 Peggy Peggy Dennis 02:41 8 01:44 3 02:00 2 06:25 13
2M 1 727 Equipe Tortue Ron Birks Harry Zulch     02:34 9 01:40 4 01:45 5 05:59 18
2M 2 728 Boat Anchor Tim Stefek Bob Babbit 02:32 9 01:23 4 01:54 4 05:49 17
2M 3 730 Team Rhino Chad lange David Bell 02:37 9 01:29 3 01:51 3 05:57 15
2M 4 729 Madness Racing Ryan Colwell Spencer Walters 02:47 6 01:46 3 02:18 0 9
2M 5 731 Pizza n' Beer Cooper Parkinson Gilbert Espinoza 02:33 3 01:29 3 01:46 1 7
2F 1 732 Team Madness - Gargoyles Jill Kyle Ann Margetts 02:47 0 01:48 1 02:18 0 06:58 1
2C 1 734 Better Than A Rock Todd Young Heather Moe 02:42 8 01:34 3 02:09 1 06:25 12
2C 2 733 Colsch Tonya Colsch Shawn Colsch 02:34 1 01:31 2 01:57 3 06:02 6
3C 1 735 Happy Trails Steve Szczepanski Erick   Geryol Erin Holohan 02:35 5 01:28 3 01:46 4 05:49 12
Div Place Bib #: Team Name: #1First #1Last #2 First #2 Last #3 First #3 Last Bike CPs Kayak CPs Trek CPs TOTAL CPs
2M 1 2794 Old and Older Jeff Winter Bruce Clark 02:21 6 01:30 3 N/A 0 03:51 9
2F 1 2796 Blindside Kristina Rich Tiffany Wilcock 02:22 5 01:26 3 01:56 2 05:44 10
2C 1 2798 Chicken Dinner Julie Hackett Zach Grether     02:35 5 01:40 3 01:39 3 05:54 11
2C 2 2797 Old School Michael Herion June Estrada 02:45 5 01:03 2 N/A 0 03:48 7
3F 1 2799 NADS Fay Goettsche Gina Curtis Stefanie Goettsche 02:34 4 01:32 3 02:04 1 06:10 8

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