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Desert Rage Camp Verde

The Mock Race event we have been working on with other adventure racers has been shelved as well as the Verde River Canoe Challenge has been cancelled. River flows are currently over 2000cfs and the meltoff is just beginning. It's anticipated that it will be too dangerous to hold an event this year.

We look forward to coming back to the Verde River in 2011.


To our friends and fellow adventurers, it is with the greatest of regret that we must announce the official cancellation of the Desert Rage Camp Verde Adventure Race.

Why you ask?

For the same reason this race is one of our favorites, it's also the most complicated. With 10 miles of moving water, reaching class III in really fast years, it requires more than a dozen people for safety (in our opinion). Because of this, we've been partnering for years with the Verde River Canoe Challenge. It is put on by a professor at NAU and his class on Event Management. They put on a GREAT event which we have also participated in a few times. As those of you who have participated in our race in the past have seen, there are many people on the river for safety. Only with that help would we feel comfortable in holding this race ourselves.

The local Forest Service office has decided that it's too much river traffic, and while we may not agree with their decision, they will not be granting us a permit for the same time as the Verde River Canoe Challenge. They have indicated they would be open to us holding the event on a different weekend, though the logistical challenges of not partnering are immense, not the least of which is getting a dozen experienced river safety people trained, in place, and waiting for us to come down the river. And there is even more.... The shuttling, cleaning the strainers from the river, etc.

Unfortunately, this also means this particular race will not be a Grand Canyon State Game. We're working on utilizing another though.

Should we hold it without the moving water? Maybe, but we feel it would lose too much. Should we fill the date with a race at McDowell Mountain Park with no paddling? considered it. Should we go to Bartlett Lake? Love to, but already have a permit that has spent 6 months without a signature for two other events at Bartlett. Should we go to Saguaro? We feel Saguaro needs a break since we've held at least 2 races there for the last three years.

As of writing this as it turns out, we've discovered the Verde River Canoe Challenge has also been cancelled though the reason was unclear. And I was just about to suggest we all sign up for the Canoe Challenge and run a mock event with the checkpoints and order determined by the roll of the dice.

So we had come up with another idea; An idea that would require commitment and participation for those who would have been competing and hopefully even more. While Sierra Adventure Sports can not take a role in the race, that doesn't mean that it couldn't be held as Arizona Adventure Racing Buddies event. Most of us are members of the group. Group events are not insured, are FREE, and everyone is 100% responsible for their own safety as if they were doing it entirely on their own.

If enough people like the idea, I can post 8.5x11 color topo maps of any area in AZ to our Yahoo group for printing. Every adventure racer we know has come across some great area and said "this would make a great race site". Still a thought in progress. Any other ideas are welcome, as well as a sound off those who would be interested in joining the party. Or maybe someone familiar with the area could design a new course up there for us to run. Eric M?


Rick Eastman.

Course is designed to be "FUN", "Adventurous" and kept secret until just before the race begins.
There will be multiple transitions in each race, usually from the same place unless we specify otherwise.

If you do just one adventure race this year, Camp Verde should be that ONE! Miles of moving water, Mountain biking and great trekking!.  This is a race you won't soon forget.

Volunteers Needed: Please call Rick at 602-448-0933


Results at bottom of page!

3-27 We just got word that I-17 will be closed from Deer Valley to Jomax overnight, so please plan accordingly.

3-26 We're at 27 teams, so PLEASE be early, drop your boat (under the bridge), come straight to the TA, please bring your waiver with you. I need you on the bus at 7:30 drop dead time. We'll do t-shirts post race. Meatball Sandwiches are in order for post race food. And if you want to camp with us tomorrow night, please do at the TA and you can transition out of your car. Don't forget your compasses!!! It was gorgeous out there today. Make sure you have all of your required gear!! Please don't call me after 8pm, but here's my number if you have any important & urgent questions: 602-448-0933

3-25 due to a change in shuttles, we need to move the shuttle time leaving the TA to no later than 7:30. It will drive away at 7:30!!! So, we need you to drop your boat at White Bridge between 6:30 - 6:45 and drive immediately to the TA. Please bring your waiver (see below) with you. Unfortunately, there will be no exception to this rule and the bus will not be held late as it has to shuttle the Verde River Canoe Challenge folks also.

3-24-09 Registration is now closed. Thanks to all our races coming on over 20 teams.

3-23-09 - The river is flowing around 180cfs-200cfs. This means you'll be experiencing more rocks below than last year. We've paddled this river as low as 148 in a huge tandem. If you've been planning to paddle this in an expensive carbon fiber kayak, you may want to consider something that won't break your heart if it gets some scratches. Click HERE for up to date river flow info.

Also, The AZ Dept of Health Services has asked us to share with you some information regarding recent outbreaks of Rabies and Leptospirosis in Yavapai County. Please click HERE for more info.

Please join us for free primitive camping at the Transition Area the night before.

We have over 20 teams coming and this will no doubt be a fun day!

Map of boat drop

Please read carefully, as this contains alot of unique and important information for this race.


River Gradient: 10 feet per mile
River Difficulty
: Novice, Class I, II, & III (depending on water level)
Boat recommendation: Think stable, in particular if your experience on moving water is limited. Wide shorter boats are great, long skinny boats are a bit more challenging, but not out of the question.  Also, consider that your boat may at times encounter rocks.

Long Course is 20+ miles, 6-8 hours 
Recreational course of approximately 12-15 miles 3-6 hour finish time. 
Cutoffs will be enforced for both courses.

Who: Solo, 2, or 3 person teams of mixed or same gender.  Awards will be presented when 75% of the teams have finished.  All race participants can look forward to an official pair of Desert Rage DeFeet Air-eator socks or an SAS running hat as well as picnic type food at the end of the race.  

camp verde

What: Trekking, orienteering, mountain biking on trails and roads, river paddling on the Verde River looping in & out of a single transition area.  You will have to plot checkpoints on 1:24,000 maps using provided UTM coordinates (NAD83 datum).  The race organization will provide contour maps covering the entire course on 8.5 x 11 sheets of non-waterproof paper, however, you are encouraged to bring your own maps should you desire.  Boat rentals available from Ted at Salt River Canoe and Kayak: 480-345-7258.

Where: The TA will be located 1.5 miles north of Beasley Flats on the Verde River's west side.  See map.  You will however have to drop your boat further up river at White Bridge Park before continuing down to the TA. 

Verde Driving Map

Whether you're racing, volunteering, or spectating, bring lots of water, food, lawn chairs, blankets, and whatever else you might need.  The closest hotels are in Camp Verde.  Primitive camping is available throughout Tonto National Forest and adjacent to the TA.  The UTM coordinates for the TA are: 0426380 3815870. We will have a pre-race boat drop and shuttle transfer. 

When: You will need to drop your boat at White Bridge at 7am.  Upon dropping your boat, immediately drive to the TA and check-in and setup your TA.  It takes 30 minutes to make the drive.  You will need to leave the TA on the shuttle no later than 7:30 and we will have a pre-race meeting at White Bridge at 8:45am which is mandatory for all participants.  The meeting will be brief and the race will start at 9:00am.  Depending on the size of the field, we may start a second wave at 9:15.   In order to speed the check-in process, please have each of your teammates fill out and sign the waiver here: WAIVER and bring it with you to check in at the TA. If you are registering by mail, please feel free to include your waivers with the registration form.  

Your probably wondering why the timing is so unorthodox from our typical races?  We are partnering with the Verde River Canoe Challenge to consolidate river safety personnel and shuttles. 

Registration is closed as of 3/24. If you didn't do it in 09, we hope to see you in 10!

Registration fees for the course are:$95 per person on either course.  Add $15 per person if registering after March 14th.  Click here to register by mail and save a few bucks on Active.com's user fees: Manual Registration Form.
or register now by clicking hereActive.com Button

Refunds will not be given for any reason unless cancelled by us, however, in extreme circumstances the entry fee is transferable to a future race hosted by Sierra Adventure Sports.  Please understand this rule is in effect as arrangements for medical staff, insurance, etc., must be made in advance.

This is a fully self supported race where you supply your own food, water, kayak/canoe, paddle/oar and type III Life Vest, along with all other gear.  

Required Personal Gear (Every person must have & carry their own at all times).  We may have a gear check on the course where you could be penalized if you don't have this with you.  You do not have to carry paddle, pfd or kayak on sections other than water, helmets and bike gear only on bike section.

Knife with 2.5 inch blade (not a plastic one) this is a whitewater safety requirement. It needs to be readily accessible while paddling.
Emergency space blanket
Suitable clothes & shoes for all venues
Hydration pack or bottles with total capacity of at least 100 ounces to be carried at all times
Race bib number to be worn at all times (provided by race staff)
kayak/canoe, paddle or oar & PFD (Type III) for the paddling section only
Any combination of boats may be used for your team, however, capacity requirements may not be exceeded, and may be checked.
Mountain bike & helmet
1 spare inner tube for the biking section only
Survival mirror

Required Team Gear

-A team first aid kit suitable for all activities
-1 Small shovel (a broad scoop or wide blade, no spoons)
-Two compasses, each carried by separate individuals 
-5' of standard useable duct tape 
-One waterproof map case (Ziploc's allowed though something heavier preferred as maps aren't waterproof)
-One bike pump or inflation kit - Bike Leg 
-Mini repair/wrench tool - Bike Leg 
-Tire repair kit  - Bike Leg  
-At least two pencils or pens that write
-FRS two-way radio. 15+mile range.
-Water purification tablets, liquid or a water filter. Enough for 6 gallons of water in case of emergency.

* Racers may carry a cell phone, though they may not use it.  It is for Emergency purposes only and must be kept in the “Off” position for the duration of the race.  Penalties will result if anyone is caught using a phone.

Even more info

VERY IMPORTANT INFO ON TIMING.  It takes 35 minutes to drive from the Boat Drop to the Transition Area.  You must drop your boat at White Bridge between 6:15 & 7:00am sharp, then immediately proceed to the Transition Area.  Please drop your boat quickly and move to TA as traffic will be heavy here.  Someone will be there with the boats.  At the TA you will then have 15-20 minutes to ready your gear, turn in your waivers, and get your bib numbers before you will board a bus that will be shuttling you back up to White Bridge.  The bus will leave at 8am sharp!  Pre-race meeting takes place at 8:45am at White Bridge. The first wave will begin at 9:00am with potential multiple waves up until 9:15.  We realize that nobody wants to wait around which is why we're stressing these timelines so heavily. 

We ask that you please don't shuttle yourself as parking is very limited at White Bridge and we paid alot for the Bus shuttle.  We will not be keeping track of "who missed the bus", just BE ON IT!   Please have your waiver (link above) signed and ready at the Transition Area.  We'll be distributing race shirts post-race to keep these deadlines.  You are also welcome to and encouraged to come spend the night in the TA (FREE) or arrive as early as 5:30am to setup.  Please keep noise down between 8pm and 5:30am.  Camping is primitive aside from the fact we'll have a port-a-john their and the river is a stones throw away.  Anyone have any leftover firewood on the side of your house you could bring?

....More: The portage is very short, just a couple hundred meters at most.  TA is the same spot as in 2005 & 2007.  If anyone should elect to forego the paddle, we will have an alternate course, though unfortunately we'll have to rank you separately as their is no perfect way to combine both courses; If you're considering this, please call Rick at 602-448-0933 ASAP. 

A note about the water levels on the Verde.  For safety reasons, the water section will be cancelled if the levels are above 1000cfs (Cubic Feet per Second) on raceday.  If that is the case, the bike/trek sections will be lengthened to make up for lost time.  If levels are over 600cfs, we'll ask you to sign a form that confirms you've paddled in such situations before.  This is entirely for your safety.  We are partnering with the Verde River Canoe Challenge on this event as they are providing many safety people along the rivers edge, and we will be conforming with their own river policies as well.  That said, in 10 years of watching or attending this event, the levels have never been so high that it had to be cancelled, however, the possibility certainly exists and we want you to be aware of it.  Here is a link to water safety info for this section of river.  Here is a link to the whitewater experience form that we'll require should the river run between 600-1000cfs.  For any teams racing that would feel uncomfortable traveling above 600cfs, we'll have an alternative course for you which will include land based travel of similar timeframe to the water course.

Volunteers, we need your help!  You make Adventure Races possible.  Join us for the day and receive an $85 race credit toward your next race. Please email us if you can join us.


It was another fun day in Camp Verde. Paddling the river, jumping the waterfalls, biking the steeps, and a twist on traditional orienteering that made alot of people have to work alot harder on their navigation!

Big Fish is the 3 person coed Long CourseGrand Canyon State Games gold medalist and team Chuck Norris take it in the male division.

2 person teams FLG adn Equipe Tortue take the gold medals in 2 person division on the Long Course

Thanks to all of our volunteers who made this possible. Please check out www.SpinPsycle.com for another fun adventure on 5/2.

Pictures Here. Special Thanks to David Erhart of team Rising Man and Mindy Margetts for their photos.

bib Team Name: Cat Div #1First #1Last #2first #2last #3first #3last off water off bike # Cp's Finish
  Long Course                        
4 Big Fish Racing 3 c Brigid O'Neil Dave Marks Windy Marks 10:48 12:55 11 04:32
6 Yoga Slackers 3 c Jason Magness Sam Salwei Chelsey Gribbon 10:38   11 05:01
35 Hongbits Racing 3 c Derrick Beracy Brigette Schiess Tisha Taylor 11:12 02:57 11 06:48
69 Team Chuck Norris 3 m Brian Chin Adam Arrington John Whitney 10:54 02:12 11 06:00
105 FLG 2 c Amber Naughton Scott Perelstein     10:56 01:20 11 04:56
25 Go-AR.com 2 c Dave Sewell Jonea Mounsey     10:44 01:35 11 05:30
90 Lewis & Clark 2 c Peggy Dennis Mark Soderstrom     10:53 02:09 11 06:03
26 Equipe Tortue 2 m Ron Birks Harry Zulch     10:45   11 05:23
109 Rising Man 2 m Scott Savage David Erhart     10:52 01:52 11 05:41
115 Sofa King Smooth 2 m Kyle Schlappi Justin Dupuis     10:44 01:34 11 05:43
110 Team Freedom 2 m Bill Lowe Jason Brandt     11:06 01:50 11 06:04
122 Madness Prime 2 m Jon Thomas Spencer Walters     11:08   11 06:17
125 Madness Duo 2 m Mike Bellows Steve Walker     11:06 02:21 11 06:18
114 Lunatic Fringe 2 m Chuck Phillips Phil Milan     10:49 01:56 11 06:47
76 Those Guys 2 m Jared Ihnen Bill Jordan     10:46 02:40 11 06:58
85 Madness Quatro 2 m Don Mellow Traver Jones     11:26 02:56 10 06:41
89 Madness Cubed 2 M Scott Thomas Sterling Margetts     11:19 03:04 7 06:54
24 Mark Hawthorne S M Mark Hawthorne         10:40 12:44 11 05:26
112 Global Bikes S m Cody Toledo         10:53 02:16 11 06:46
  Recreational Course                        
75 Riddle Riders 3 m Ray Beddard Bill Thompsen Jack Panosian 11:04 02:07 11 06:18
68 Copa Racing Crew 2 c Chad Lange Rianne Page     11:24 02:25 9 06:33
65 DNR 2 c Dave Bullard Margaret Bullard     11:54 02:30 9 06:40
63 Blonde Ambition 2 f Kellie Senft Tracy Oglesby     11:29 02:18 9 06:17
61 Storming the Castle 2 F Jill Diamond Irene Fabig     11:49 02:29 9 06:37
45 Team Smoke 2 m Scott McCaleb Dan Dichinger     11:07 01:06 9 04:38
34 Tall and Skinny 2 m Sterling Decker Tom Knight     11:05 01:23 9 05:00
33 Scorched Soles 2 m Kevin Dowdy Joseph Huang     11:12 01:12 9 05:25
44 Tall and Fat 2 m Ryan Steffan Shawn Tipton     11:47 02:05 9 06:00
118 In Touch 2 m Angelo Pisano Alan Brown     11:01   9 06:56





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