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Orange County Adventure Race 4-26-09 at Irvine Lake


A portion of the proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
A special tribute to and in memory of Patrick K. Rivera and Kenny Tano, two guys that would have loved this sport.



What a fun day. The level of the lake is substantially higher than 08, so that meant there were a few trails no longer available. Given that, teams commented that this was tougher than last year. Yeah, it was. GOOD FOR YOU! You Rocked!

First overall went to the Yogurt Slingers who completed the course in just 2:35. Some teams, including the Slingers spent substantial time searching for a checkpoint 11 that had been swiped the morning of the race, but everyone pressed on with team EmiLauren wrapping up the day at 4:22.

This race would not have been possible without the amazing help of our volunteers. We had student groups come out, as well as Barrie Adsett, King Richard, Ray Yoshida, Ann Hall, Ian MacDairmid, and many, many more.

Between Ann Hall and Allyson Faltys, we have hundreds of great PICTURES to remember the day by.

Thanks Michelle Butterfield for being the driving force behind one of the last remaining adventure races in SoCal!

Please check out BAadventures.com for more SoCal races and if you need an excuse to go to Vegas, on 5/23 check out the Mad Mud Run. Look for us to also bring the Scavenger Dash to the Irvine area in the late fall.

bib Team Name: #1First #1Last #2first #2last Finish
  5 Person Coed      
11 Y-Not-Tri Miguel Howe Erica Howe 03:02
  Dan Morgan Armida Morgan Kristen Oviedo  
12 Fresh Off The Boat Kim Chung Boris Chung 03:11
  Anh Vu Denny Thong Omar Ramirez  
13 Random Andrew Vertson Sarah Lumb 03:54
  Scott Chaplin Kim Stetler Beth Marchian  
10 TEAM RETCH terri benincasa Augie Keefer 03:30
  Karen Hill hugh marley Linda Sue Harper boat issues
  5 Person Female      
27 Lazy Asis April Bollinger Tammy Tipple 03:07:10
  Gina Nakashi Michelle West Tricia Fryar  
15 Mud Mamas Jennifer Archer Moira Miller 03:10
  Vicki Wong Melissa Rome Kathy Kindy  
19 Dirty Moms Susan Pomerleau Heather Bethmann 03:41
  Monica Sampat Aubrie Wilson Michelle Poston  
16 Girl's Play Dirty Lesa Weinert Patty Hammel 03:54
  Carolina Quigley Shauna McFadden Shanna George  
  5 Person Male      
14 Yogurt Slingers David Bourguignon Kevin Brown 02:35
  2 Person Coed      
96 Space Monkeys Todd Young Heather Moe 02:38
26 Orange Crush Janet Senger Joe Senger 02:47
73 Sibling Rivalry Suzy McNulty Mark Woods 02:50
39 Carlsbad Kids Andrew Fontes Amanda Carr 03:06
77 Team Dooers Don Cerney Judy Cerney 03:07
20 S.P.I.E. Preston Morton Sharon Morton 03:33
35 DOA Yvette Ball Ken Gendron 03:55
53 Fit Force Venus Ramos Randy Ramos 04:09
  2 Person Female      
45 Ready, Willing & Abel 2 Lauren Abel Ashley Abel 02:37
21 Bound & Determined Michelle Butterfield Jennifer Bartlett 03:05
22 Paradocs Jamie Platt Ankie Camacho 03:20
44 Goofballs Shari Anderson Ashley Hebert 03:21
33 Trail Angels Team ONE Chrissy Torres JackeVan Van 03:39
59 EmiLauren Lauren Hoffman Emily Girod 04:22
34 Laverne & Shirley Carlene Dietz Linda Ward DNS
  2 Person Male      
8 Rico Suave and Rolaids Matthew Trussell Eric Brady 02:54
9 Double Secret Probation Ben Kollmeyer Brian Will 02:59:01
61 Manley Men Paul  Bartlett Bill Butterfield 02:59:44
7 Rubicon 1 Craig Roah Matt Meyer 03:00
48 the Rubiconers Matthew Cox Kyle Stainer 03:00:01
84 Dead or Alive Doug Johnson Eric Wong 03:11:30
64 Shock & Awe Gib Bosworth Darren Miller 03:16
17 Team Lambros Jonathan Lambros Ryan Lambros 03:19
58 Nevertoolate scott smith Bob Barnard 03:53
  Solo Female      
142 FBSSBy60 Laura Montaine   02:53
36 Newlyweds Tara Brewer   Cowell 10cp's
  Solo Male      
124 Ready, Willing and Abel Dan  Abel   02:37
111 Running Amok Gregory Henk   03:17
71 Scrat Blake Hudson   DNS


Update 4/23: Please join us Saturday 4/25 at Rock-n-Road Cyclery in Mission Viejo from 4-6 for pre-race check-in.  It will give you ALOT more time to setup on race morning.  Bring your signed waivers for your entire team with you. 

Here is a map of the the area at the lake we'll be staging from.

Update 4/9: Rental Rafts and Oars now available. 2 person rafts with oars $10. Contact Michelle at 949-874-2280.

Only OC Adventure Racers will ever have one of these...

Who: You, you and a friend or you and your (corporate or otherwise) team of 5 people.  Race limited to the first 300 participants...Sign up Now! 

What: 10 miles (2-4 hours) of fun and excitement.  You'll travel on foot, by bike, and by raft all over the Irvine Lake area passing through multiple mystery challenges and obstacles along the way.  You'll laugh, you'll be challenged, and you'll get dirty doing it.  And all finishers will get their dog tags! 

Approximate distances: 5-6 mile bike, 3-4 mile run, 1 mile raft-paddle.  Very doable, and lots of fun.  YES, YOU DO NEED YOUR OWN RAFT, PADDLES & PFD.


When: Transition area & Check-in opens at 6:30am, Mandatory pre-race meeting 7:30, race start 8am. 

Where: Directions from South Orange County : Take 55 frwy North exit Chapman Avenue (East) / Just 8-10 miles and you are there.

Directions from North Orange County : Take 91 east to 55 frwy South exit Chapman Avenue (East) / Just 8-10 miles and you are there.

Directions from Greater Los Angeles County : Take 5 frwy South to 91 east to 55 frwy South exit Chapman Avenue (East) / From here you are just 8-10 miles from the lake.

Directions from Inland Empire and Riverside Counties : Take 91 frwy West to the 241 Toll Road South exit Santiago Canyon Road (East) / From here you are 2 miles from the lake. Alternately, you can continue on the 91 frwy West to the 55 frwy South exit Chapman Avenue (East) / Just 8-10 miles and you are there

Transition Area (TA) Map

Registration fees are:$85 Solo, $170 two-person,
$425 five-person. Add $14 per person if registering after April 5th.  Click here to register by mail and save a few bucks on Active.com's user fees: Manual Registration Form.
or register now by clicking hereActive.com Button

Participants must be at least 14 years of age and participating with a responsible adult.  If you are under 18, we also require a couple additional forms to be signed and returned along with the registration.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email Info@SierraAdventureSports.com for more info. 

Refunds will not be given for any reason unless cancelled by us, however, in extreme circumstances the entry fee is transferable to a future race hosted by Sierra Adventure Sports.  Please understand this rule is in effect as arrangements for medical staff, insurance, etc., must be made in advance..

  • What do I need to Bring? 
    Each individual needs:
    A mountain bike and helmet
    A way to carry at least 36 ounces of water: Camelback, bottles, etc
    A whistle
    A pen or pencil that writes
    Suitable shoes and clothes, and a change of clothes for afterward...you might get dirty!
    A PFD (personal flotation device), the $5 orange one's from your local discount store will do fine. 

    In addition, your team will need:
    An inflatable raft (no kayaks or canoes) that is rated to carry all of you.  The one or two person models made by Coleman are only about $10/$20 at your local department store though any brand will do.  No toys though!  If you are a 5 person team, you may find yourself a 5 person raft or some combination of other capacities so long as you don't exceed the maximum capacity.  NO INFLATABLE KAYAKS OR CANOES.
    This is an example of a RAFT
    This is an example of a non-electric pump

    A non-electric pump to fill your raft, but don't fill it til we're racing!

    A basic first aid kit with bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, emergency space blanket.

    A patch kit for your raft.

***It's important to note that Irvine Lake is a "no body contact" lake, and it's important that your raft be seaworthy. ***

  • Good Idea gear:
    Extra bicycle tubes and/or a repair kit and pump, bike tools

    A few feet of duct tape; you'd be surprised what you can fix with it from blisters to tires.

    Sunblock, a big hat, snacks, gels, etc

    A gallon of water to leave in the transition area for refilling your bottles or bladders

    A simple pair of pliers that you'll leave in the transition area.

Why?: Because Adventure Racing is a lot of fun! 


The OC Adventure Race does Double Duty!

At check-in (at both Rock-n-Road and Irvine Lake), we will also be collecting non-perishable food for Families Forward (www.families-forward.org), a non-profit Orange County-based organization that assists families in financial crisis.   As you can imagine, the needs now are way beyond normal.   Please help us by bringing 1-2 bags of non-perishable items, such as canned foods, dry pasta/rice, soup, as well as baby diapers and toiletries. All donations will be delivered to the Families Forward food bank in Irvine


What is Adventure Racing?: Adventure racing is a combination of two or more disciplines, including biking, paddling, orienteering, running, hiking, etc.  Adventure races can span a few hours to ten days or more.  They are typically run in teams of 2-5 people, though frequently include solo divisions as well.  Unlike other sports such as triathlon, running, road biking, etc., adventure racing requires strategy in how to most efficiently travel between points and overcome obstacles along the way.  Participants must travel un-assisted throughout the course.  The typical speed of adventure races is slower than it's included disciplines with longer races often won at speeds near 4-5 mph overall. 

Do I need to know how to navigate?  Knowing North, South, East & West might help, though all navigation is geared toward beginners. 

What if it Rains?:  Adventure Racing is an all weather sport.  If it rains, you'll have even more fun!  The event goes on Rain or shine. 

The only exception is if the venue forced us to close due to extreme circumstances.  In that case, The event will be moved to a later date and/or venue within the year.  If impossible, refunds of 80% will be given for the registration fees, not including Active.com's additional registration fees or donations made to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We've put on many events in the rain and our participants consider those events some of their favorites.  If rainy or windy conditions become unsafe, we will alter the course accordingly.

Will their be food available?  Yes, food and drinks will be available after the event. 

Will we get a race t-shirt?  Of course, an Orange County Adventure Race t-shirt. And if you finish, you'll receive a finisher's dog tag too! 

A picture is worth a thousand words, want to see what last years race looked like? Click HERE

Meet with other participants, prospective racers, search for teammates, talk gear, fear, expectations. Join the OCAR group today!  Anyone can join and it's free.
Click to join ocar

Click to join ocar


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