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Saturday April 14, 2012

Too much fun, and right in your own backyard!

This 6th annual Phoenix Urban Adventure will have teams of 1, 2, and 3 people of mixed or same gender biking, running (or walking), and skate/scooter/running all over northeast Phoenix. You won't actually find out what comes first until the race begins, but you'll have the time of your life figuring it all out!

Strategy & wit will play a big role in your success and you will encounter multiple mystery challengs along the way.Urban

What: Hike/Run both on and off pavement, Mountain biking (yes, you'll need a mountain bike), rollerblading/scootering/skateboarding or running (Razor or Diggler type, etc., no kickbikes) orienteering and multiple mystery events. 

Time: about 2-5 hours. Participants can look forward to Pizza around 10am.

Maps: We will provide you all the maps you need, however, you may want to familiarize yourself with the area of north Phoenix and it's parks.   

Where: The race will start, finish, and have all transitions from the Paradise Valley REI parking lot at 12634 N Paradise Village Pkwy. Phoenix, AZ 85032.  Please park in the outer limits of the parking lot as we’d like to keep some parking open for REI customers that day. There will be just one Transition Area (TA) where you will place your bikes and gear on the parking lot.  Given the single TA, you will not have to haul your biking gear on the skate/scooter leg, or your skate/scooter gear on the biking leg.  For those of you new to Adventure Racing, you may want to bring a plastic tub (Rubbermaid, etc) to stow your gear in within the TA.  You'll want to mark it with your team name and the team captain's name.

When: The Transition area will open at 6:00 a.m., the Pre-race meeting will take place at 6:30 a.m. and the race will begin at 7:00 a.m.  All racers must be present at the Pre-Race meeting in order to race. Race check-in will begin at 6:00 a.m. with the opening of the TA.  Please come to the registration table as soon as possible upon arrival. In order to speed the check-in process, please have each of your teammates fill out and sign the waiver here: WAIVER and bring it with you.

There will be in place a mandatory cutoff time of 2 p.m., though we have planned it so that most, if not all teams will be able to complete the race prior.

Why: Wanna have some fun?!  This is it!  A great workout, fun mystery events and a chance to enjoy Phoenix in a way you never imagined.

**We get a lot of interest from people based on the fact that it's Urban rather than out in the wilderness somewhere.  It should be noted that this is still a full-on adventure race.  No roads are closed to accommodate you, and you are 100% responsible for your own safety while traveling which may include crossing busy streets.**

Registration fees are:$85 per person.  Add $15 per person if registering after March 31st.   Click here to register by mail and save a few bucks on Active.com's user fees: Manual Registration Form
or register now by clicking hereActive.com button

Required gear -

Mountain Bike
map carrying case (big Ziploc ok)
a few pencils or pens
method of carrying water (50 ounces minimum)
A scooter, rollerblades, skateboard or you can just do this section on foot if you prefer
appropriate clothing and shoes
a basic first aid kit
any food you might need
Two walkie talkies capable of communicating up to three legitimate miles near the store.  Motorola FRS type, etc.  Solo's do not need this.  This will be fun!  If for some reason you absolutely, positively can't get a pair, let us know 72hrs in advance, we've got a couple extra pair. 

We'll keep it as simple as possible.  Check out the "Info & FAQ's" page for more info about Adventure Racing in general.

Land Kayaking

Gear inspections may take place on the course, and you must be prepared for this at any time!  If you do not have the item’s we ask you to present, you will be penalized 10 minutes per item per person.

Recommended gear: Some sort of pack to carry your stuff in, change of clothes, a compass, spare inner tubes or tire patch kits, bike repair tool(s).  We don't require it, however, you won't be happy when your pushing your bike for 5 miles because you didn't bring patches.

Teams of 1, 2 or 3.  If you typically race as a 4 person team, please sign up as 2, 2 person teams or a 3 person and a solo, and travel together.  Traveling together is always encouraged, and part of what makes this sport so fun!  **Mystery events may be impossible to complete as a solo racer.**  



Bib Team Name: #1first #1last #2first #2last #3first #3last #cp's CP4
3 person coed
63 BFC Racing #1 Vickie Nelson Windy Marks Dave Marks 14 * 03:28
64 Green Machines Holly Hovious Liz Glanz Jared Hagerman 12 * 05:55
62 Village Idots Sabrina Cillessen Robert Cillessen Mindy Raines 8 03:59
3 person female
67 Team   Fischzzanigson Dixie Patterson April Fischer Anne Gazzaniga 15 04:33
3 person male
15 Global Bikes Bryan Thelen Ronnie Hendricks Cody Toledo 14 * 04:34
2 person coed
68 E-Lyte Sport II Brian Karasek Jen Tischaefer 15 03:18
24 Muddy Paws Robin Grenko Dee Grenko 15 05:09
66 Dim Dim Julie Dimmery Eric Dimmery 15 03:42
69 Team Trunk Monkey Jill Kyle Brian Geisler 14 * 05:33
2 person female
73 NO WOMEN LEFT BEHIND Kim Robinson Chris Zampino 15 04:20
71 Geronimo & Lucinda Georgie Sevcov Lisa Spear 15 04:29
2 person male
74 E-Lyte Sport I Hollon Kinney Chris 15 03:18
2 BFC Racing #2 Butch Nelson Mike Zampino 15 03:19
75 Udder Chaos Corey Merlino Ron Nettleton 14 06:00
Teams had potentially 13 Checkpoints (CP's) to reach. In addition, teams had to take a photo and obtain a job application
The job application and photo count as one cp each.
* missed CP4 which was caused by a change done to the map by race staff that led these teams to miss the CP




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