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2016 Phoenix Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Pictures HERE

1st. Place 1:13 War-n-Piece! Jill Diamond, Christy Bacon, Irene Fabig, and Kiri Rubin

2nd Place 1:14 Puzzler's Paradise: Sheena Mah, Chelsea House, Kiz Kersh

3rd Place 1:17 Pangea: Leslie Cameron, Melissa Beck, Heather Teichrow, Victoria Kletselman

How do groups of people finish a 200, then a 500 piece puzzle in an hour and thirteen minutes that would take most mortals a week to do? What a great time for all and even faster than last year!!! Our first and second place teams switched finish order for a super close finish!

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2008 Results

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12-5-09 Desert Rage Adventure Race
at Saguaro Lake

11-21-09 Mad Mud Run
MacDonalds Ranch Results

11-8-09 Race for Maggie's Place

09 Extreme Heat Dreamy Draw

09 Extreme Heat Coon Bluff

4-26-09 Orange County Adventure Race

4-18 Women's Adventure Race

Desert Rage Camp Verde


Phoenix Urban Adventure 2009


Full Moon 5K




Desert Rage 2008 Series Winners.
Thank You for participating!

Team Name: DR Pts Finale Series
3/4 person Coed
Big Fish 291 182 473
ARC 91 200 291
Yoga Slackers 0 164 164
Feed The Machine 100 100 100
Off in the Woods 91 91 91
Kayak Lake Mead 82 82 82
Todd's Team 82 82 82
Equinox 73 73 73
E.R.A. 64 64 64
3/4 person Male
Madness Orange 91 200 291
Madness Blue 0 182 182
Forest Pigs 0 164 164
Freedom 155 0 155
Los Conejos 100 0 100
Pinned & Screwed 100 0 100
Callaway Golf 91 0 91
Chuck Norris 82 0 82
Necromancers 82 0 82
My Kind of Party 1 73 0 73
Well Oiled 64 0 64
3/4 Masters
Gilmore AR 100 0 100


The battle continued as ARC and Big Fish Creative slugged it out for a great day of racing at Saguaro Lake. While Big Fish needed to finish to win the series, Adventure Racing Concepts kept the pressure on and finished strong with a 28 minute lead at the end of the day. Few finishes have been so fun to see unfold as they jockeyed for the lead throughout the day. It came down to a final route choice decision where ARC went "overland" through 7 or 8 basin's and ranges to get to the final hill climb.

The overall win went to team Boat Anchor as Tim and Bob edged out ARC by a minute with a final run to the finish with soloist Michael Bading in the mix all day too.

In the 3/4 person Male Division team Madness (Orange) finished right at the cutoff time of 9 hours and wins the series.

The recreational division saw Freddie and Rob of team "Denial" finish in 4:38.

After the race team Yoga Slackers (3rd in 3/4 Coed Long Course) kept us all entertained with some incredible Yoga moves on a slackline that many of us compared to seeing Cirque De Solei at Butcher Jones Cove!

Big thanks to our volunteers: Debra, Lisa, Tisha, Peggy, and Deb Lusk our WFR. You made it possible!

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Race Results

Lost & Found: A bike helmet and a nice pair of sunglasses.

Dreamy Draw 2009

Team Name: G #1First #2Last #2first #2last Finish
BFC Racing C David Marks Windy Marks 01:22
FLG C Amber Naughton James Brooks 01:31
Schlapp My Johnston C Kyle Schlappi Nicole Johnston 01:56
Save Pluto/Freak Factor C Paul Kent Melinda Peterson 02:00
Lewis & Clark C Peggy Dennis Mark Soderstrom 02:06
Forestpig Coed C Jeffrey Flemmer Linda Hurley 02:09
Team Dim Dim C Julie Dimmery Eric Dimmery 02:23
Dynamic Duo C Kathy Culver Mike Culver 02:42
Thin Air Thunder C JON ADDY Janice Guthartz 03:17
Peanuts Kill F Julie Kent Kimberly Piehl 02:00
Boat Anchor M Tim Stefek Todd Pendleton 01:32
E-Lyte M Hollon Kinney Chris Branson 01:47
Backassward M Gunar Schinzel Scott Hardin 01:58
Old School M Michael Herion Jim Torrence 02:26
R & D M Robin Grenko David Miller 02:27
There is no I" in beer." M kirk christiano Jim Garman 02:28
The Jedi M David DeLorenzo David Melanson 02:44
Team 8lbs 6oz Baby Jesus M Justin Thompson Adam Dabrowski 02:55
Team Monsoon Adventures M Rick Medina Aaron Pratt 03:16
FLG Solo M Jay Bowers 01:31
Iron Girl F Kim Robinson 02:43



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