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This page contains a few of the items we sell, like Navigation Guides for instance.

Morena Lake Multi-Sport Adventure Guide


With the unfortunate cancellation of the Desert Rage San Diego Adventure Race slated for 10/15/05, we were left with a really fun course on our hands that would otherwise go to waste.  So, we decided to go ahead and publish the guidebook along with the maps and Checkpoint (CP) listings to be used for training purposes.  Because we are serving in a "Publishing" capacity only, we can in no way take responsibility for how it is used, however, it can serve as a wonderful training tool for Adventure Racing teams looking for a good exercise.  We hope you enjoy using this, and look forward to your comments. 

Disclaimer: We can't say it enough.  Any time you go out in the wild, you are subject to what goes on out their, be it falling off your bike, wild animals, wild people, etc.  The only truly "safe" adventure is the one that never takes place.  Don't ever do anything your not 100% sure of your ability to safely complete.  If the trail is too steep to ride, get off and walk.  If it's too steep to walk, go around.  If someone is walking on the cliff above you, beware of falling rocks.  You get the picture.  We can tell you that a good portion of this adventure goes through an area that is regularly ridden by those on Off Highway Vehicles like Quads, motorcycles, etc.  They can't hear you with their engine roaring and (hopefully) their helmet on.  So, when you see & hear them, get out of their way until you are positive they see you too.   Probably the most important thing you can do when doing any type of adventure is to do it with someone else; Your team.  Have fun & be safe! 

What you'll get:
A guide with a course description, order of events and modes of travel, safety warning info, Required Gear, etc. 
1:24,000 color maps covering the entire area. These have been tested as waterproof and are printed on glossy laser paper.  They also have faint UTM grid's criss-crossing them which you may want to enhance by darkening over with a pen or marker.  Keep in mind that this adventure requires that you plot checkpoints on the map based on coordinates given.  Nothing about this course is marked in any way whether on the map or at the site.  
A basic see-through map overlay to help you with your plotting coordinates. 

Rather than having Orienteering flags in place, you'll be searching for permanent landmarks, trail signs, summits, etc. with a description for each one.  You must touch the object to consider it "reached" or answer a question based on the object; Read your instructions for each CP thoroughly.  UTM map data utilizes NAD83 datum.  

The guide will arrive in a manila envelope that you can open right away.  It contains the maps, area info, required gear list, and the guidebook that don't give you any of the course.  The list of UTM coordinates, CP descriptions, surprises, and other progression info will be sealed in a separate included envelope, not to be opened until your decided upon time.  If you are doing this with others, you may want to coordinate with them as to when this should be opened.  

To order, Please send a check for $15.55 ($14.95 for the guide + 60cents for the stamps) to:
Sierra Adventure Sports
c/o Rick Eastman
3508 E Cortez St
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Or, if you prefer, order by credit card here:  



Navigation & Orienteering Practice Guides
So you've read the book and watched the video's on how to use your compass or GPS and now you need some practice, but where do you go for practice?       

In locales throughout the western U.S., we've put together a list of 20+ coordinates that correspond with area landmarks like benches, trail markers, summits, signs, etc.; so they'll be there when you get there.  You can complete all on foot and many on a bike.  Even more exciting at NIGHT!  

What you get:
A quality color contour map of the area
A list of 20 or more coordinates corresponding with area landmarks
A see through map overlay to help you with your plotting
A guide giving your suggested routes & other area info


Areas Available:
Piestewa Peak formerly Squaw Peak, (Phoenix)


Kilauea Crater
, Hawaii. Yes, you can hike all over this active volcano! It's amazing!

Catalina State Park

Mission Trails Park
(San Diego)

Frank G. Bonelli
Park (San Dimas) inside the greater Los Angeles metro area

Lagunitas Lake
(Marin County) just north of San Francisco

Red Rock State Park (Las Vegas)


Central Park (New York, NY) 


If you'd rather order by mail, send a check or money order for $15.55 ($14.95 for the guide, .60cents for the stamps) indicating which area you'd like to:

Rick Eastman
3508 E Cortez St
Phoenix, AZ 85028

The cutting edge in map navigation. The Basic Roamer is available at ARNavSupplies.com


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